song for saint ein

i look at you this way

noun then verb

these are my words

i sing to you


no separation no

the same thing

i am these words
these word say so

somewhere i exist separate from this page
this cage of sounds and signs

i am this noise

my voice says so

Friedrich Kittler wrote, “Writing operates by way of a symbolic grid which requires that all ‘data pass through the bottleneck of the signifier.” This is in contrast to analog media which, as Geoffrey Winthrop-Young put it, “process the physical effects of the real”

The optical soundtrack is an analog trace of the sound — the noise — of Nichol’s voice. The Complete Works insists on adding a line to song for saint ein “I am this image…” The optical sound-track forms the spine of The Complete Works. In it we see Nichol’s voice.

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