(every(all at(toge(forever)ther)once)thing)

every(all at(toge(forever)ther)once)thing

This piece is based on a collaboration with media artist Patricio Davilla. It began as a video wall installation. Patricio wrote a Processing program in which flocks of squares move around the boundaries of a screen. As they move, they leave a trace over a hidden shape. The traces build up to reveal the shape. Using this code, I built a composition that plays on this short text from The Martyrology.

Rather than seeing the video wall as a single surface, this piece treats each of the screens as it own ecosystem that contributes to the whole. It explores the relationship between discrete domains/letters and the continuity of a greater environment/text.

In The Complete Works, we move in further to reveal the pixels that make up the image that makes up the text. It reveals the atomic particles of the image that pictures the tracing of the letters that make up the text.

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